From Bin To Plate

We will not contribute to the seven million tonnes of household food waste produced nationally each year. Instead, we will eat root vegetables with growing sprouts and remove the mould from slices of bread. Use your sensory system to determine if the food is edible. If it does not smell, look or feel abnormal, then it is fine. Do not be hypnotised by the numbers on the packaging. These figures are only displayed to captivate you and your consumer lifestyle. This is a money making device. The contents of this book are specific to the food obtained from one household. Considered “waste” due to their expired supermarket sell-by date, these ingredients have been combined into simple recipes that can be adapted to all varieties of food. Do not purchase the ingredients listed. These recipes should act as a methodical system, where the food should be considered as part of a category, which can be applied to a larger group. Make use of what is available in your fridge or cupboards. Utilise your kitchen appliances, for their design and technical capabilities will enable you to be experimental. These tools are the foundations for your creativity. Remove the waste from its worthless existence and rectify the food that is considered to be lost. You are the creator and the activator.

Copyright Sophie Hambling 2018